It seems like yesterday when we met and fell in love with a 2-3 year old Husky – Shepherd mix named Genki at an adoption event, but it was almost 15 years ago on July 6, 2002. She was our family of 4 first dog.

We could not have found a better, more loyal and loving new member to our add to our home and have enjoyed many years with her. Through the years our family has grown, 2 other children, 3 other dogs and several foster dogs. Through all the changes, “Jen” was the constant. She was always ok if we gave the new family member a little extra attention knowing she would get her special time with us, too.

Up to the end, she got so many compliments on how pretty she was, and when asked how old she was, most people were surprised she was close to (if not already) 18 years old. About a year and half ago, when we were looking to adopt again, we would take Jen to the events as we had to make sure she would like the new dog. Many times other people would come up to us and ask about her, what her name was, because they wanted to adopt her. We thanked them for the compliments, but let them know she was not up for adoption and was ours.

It just goes to show even in her golden years, she was still a head turner. Although we are sad today, and will be for some time, we will always cherish the great times we had with her. We know we are better for having had her come into our lives.

M.M. Family South Riding, VA